A tour of radical craft

Casey Jenkins takes us on a tour of women in engaging in public displays of effect through radical craft and other feminine pursuits.

About the tour

The definition of craft in this tour probably varies from that of most people.

The tours guide Casey sees craft as making stuff, making change, and being active rather than passive. It’s quite broad.

The story of handicrafts made by unexpected hands has been exploited to the point where the image of craft is changing.

The story of young people crafting unusual things is no longer surprising and doesn’t have the impact it might have a year ago.

This tour does not rehash this story but takes a different angle with the resurgence of craft as a starting point to explore the motivations behind and outcomes of crafting and activism by young women.

Specifically, that while many young women are crafting and being active, they are producing passive benign fluff.

This audio tour meets with women who don’t want to keep things nice.

The tour goes for 20 minutes.

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Your tour guide, Casey Jenkins

Casey Jenkins, co-founder of craftivist group Melbourne Craft Cartel, was born on a boat moored on the Yarra and has been floating around Melbourne ever since.

A writer and schemer, she has been responsible for such pranks as auctioning Howards integrity on eBay (pulled for being non-existent), spreading lady-love with crafted female genitalia fling-ups and producing events such as Trashbag Rehab (radical craft workshops), Blasphemy by Candlelight (festive season fun for agnostics & atheists), Abort! Abort! Abort! (kids robot construction event) and Art Jam (free for all art orgy).

Casey has used handicrafts in projects primarily for pragmatic reasons rather than for any great love of crochet the dowdy image of handicrafts when juxtaposed with politics has made an arresting image which has drawn the attention of the media by default to whatever cause she is trying to highlight.


This tour was produced, recorded and edited by Nicole Hurtubise. All photography by Nicole Hurtubise.

This tour was done in partnership with Community Radio 3CR and funded by the City of Yarra.