A tour of rage by Yana Alana

Yana Alana in front of the Channel 9 complex in Richmond, MelbourneYana Alana is a talented yet jilted performer out to conquer the world with a unique blend of cabaret and comedy. Yana is as you experience her – a diva to love or hate, to embrace or reject.

About the tour

Many things make Yana Alanas blood boil, but for this tour she narrowed it down to just four a certain television station, a certain type of clothing store, a certain kind of tram employee and a certain type of politician all politicians.

The tour goes for 20 minutes.

Your tour guide, Yana Alana

Yana Alana was born from red wine, laughter with friends and late night spots at queer venues. Her poetry was scribbled on the backs of envelopes in trams and in line at Centrelink and her songs were recorded onto mobiles phones while walking home.

Yana Alana was created by Sarah Ward to challenge the status quo, whilst inviting them to open their minds:

I aim to create a space that embraces everybody. I’m not interested in judging and classifying people based on their past, I’m more interested in how people want to move ahead in the future.

As an artist who chooses not to separate art from politics I see Yana Alana as a character to express the personal as universal. My hope is to make art with the aim to create a better world.

She is my alter-ego, she is a reason for me to wear heels and mean it, an excuse to spit my politics with no shame and a way to make enemies.

She is a part of me blown up and brought to life and she is ready to take over the world.

Sarah Ward


This tour was produced by Peoples Tours in partnership with 3CR Community Radio. It was funded by an Arts and Culture grant from the City of Yarra.

Music copyright Yana Alana And Tha Paranas. Their debut EP Bite Me is available from Hares and Hyenas.